360 vIDEO Booth rental

All bookings include:

2 Hour Minimum Rental $449 | BOOTH Technician | Customized Video Filter | LED Lights | Sharing Station for INSTANT FREE DOWNLOADS (QR Code, Text, Email).****

Half Day

4 Hour Rental | 360 Video Booth |
Booth Technician | Customized Video Filter | LED Lights | QR Code , File of All videos from Event, Free BTS Video + Photos of Booth Experience


Add ons

Add more to your package to increase the fun level!!
Music selection $15
Money Gun $40
Fog Machine $25
Custom Backdrops with Balloons $699
More Add Ons Available

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Red Carpet Treatment Experience

Additional $299
This set up comes with a velvet rope barrier and a red carpet leading to the 360 Photo Booth for a more Royal or Exclusive experience

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360 Video Recaps 👀